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VIP 3 update questions

Looking at updating to VIP 3 from VIP 2.

When I open the VIP3 download I see a "VIPSoftwarePackage_Setup" package and a separate "installer folder".

The "installer folder" appears to contain the individual content such as Loom, Hybrid and VIP etc.

A. I assume that the "VIPSoftwarePackage_Setup" will run the entire install of VIP and all additional content unless I choose "customize" during the process .

Is this correct?

B. Most of the content within the the "install folder" appears to the same older versions of Loom, VacuumPro, Hybrid and Velvet that I installed a couple of years ago with VIP 2.


When I run the "VIPSoftwarePackage_Setup" and inspect the individual items in the "customize" section. Most of the content in the customize list shows the action will be an upgrade but I can't see the version numbers. The "install folder" looks like the same older versions though.

Do both the "install folder" and "VIPSoftwarePackage_Setup" contain all of the same versions?

I don't want to install the same content twice on my HD.

Should custom install only the VIP 3 package ?

C. The "install folder" contains a VIPSoftwarePackageFactoryMultis.pkg. I don't see this in the "VIPSoftwarePackage_Setup" customize page.

If I choose to install with the "VIPSoftwarePackage_Setup". Will I need to install this Multis.pkg separately?

AKAI Advance 25
MacOS 10.12.6
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  • Hey Robert,

    Thanks for posting!

    Running the package installer will install VIP as well as the included plugins. Different versions of the plugins are not installed depending on whether you run the package installer or the individual installers; they are all the same. The package installer just makes it a bit easier to knock it all out in one shot.

    If you're running the VIP installer found in your Akai Pro account (currently at version 3.1.1), you will be installing the most up to date version of VIP and the plugins.

    The factory Multis are a collection of Multis for VIP built with the plugins included with your Advance - these should be installed along with the VIP software. If you ever alter or delete these Multis, simply run the installer to add them to VIP again.

    I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.
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