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VIP External MIDI zone

Although I failed to read existing threads I am confident I am NOT the only VIP user desiring to utilize external MIDI gear within VIP

Replacing my (2) Alesis V49s with (2) Akai Advance wouldn't be that bad a thing though lol.

Please add MIDI external option for zones.
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  • Hey Franklin,

    Thanks for posting!

    VIP does not send MIDI data out to external gear but if you want to add external MIDI controllers as input devices you can certainly do that in the Audio/MIDI Settings menu. If you are connecting external MIDI devices via MIDI DIN to a MIDI interface, select the MIDI interface as the input source in VIP and it will transfer data to VIP.

    If you want to split up the inputs of these devices to send data on different MIDI channels, you can assign the slots of a Multi to receive data on different MIDI channels (which could in turn be designed to align with a certain zone in the Multi) and trigger plugins individually with different MIDI channels:

    In the image above, I've added 3 patches to slots in a Multi and assigned each patch to receive data on its own MIDI channel. You can choose the MIDI channel by clicking that field and selecting the desired channel from the menu that appears.

    Using this method would allow you to control up to eight different plugins simultaneously via different MIDI channels from a multitude of MIDI devices. If you want to customize the zones of the Multi, edit the LO and HI key in the desired Multi slot.

    I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.
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