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We need MPC LIVE to be improved

After being
tested MPC LIVE for 2 weeks I have some thoughts, to use the machine as
controler  does not an interesting tool
since the market is full of better alternatives. By contrast, in standalone mode, the MPC LIVE has great possibilities if it is improved.

1 – Akai should expand the possibilities of edit mode of a sample; crossfade , cut and paste samples,akai must  take a look at old samplers like Yamaha A5000 or the  E-MU series Ultra because they have more possibilities of editing.  Now we need work with soundforge or other software editor and as I said, the standalone mode it’s the way to work with the MPC LIVE ...  no computers to complete a deficiency in tools inside the akai OS.

2 – Akai  should improve the crashes we find when working with SD or SDD ... I have verified that without hard drive or SD the crashes does not arrives. But Akai creew please,  if you put an slot for an SD or an HDD and SSD we like use it!!!

3 - If there are 2 input midi ports  the unit must be able to work with 2 different keyboards on different tracks and also with any midi channel.

4 - It should be possible to import tracks midi on the track  like JJ OS or MPC 5000 and not on the sequence like now.

5 – We need the  visual editing of automations

6 - When switching from main mode to track mixer mode or others, a mini sound cut occurs sometimes... 

7 - the warp is a bit simple, you can hear crunches on certain occasions although there is not much difference of speed between the original sample and the BPM of the sequence...

I wanted to be able to use it already this summer for my performances but I see that in general it lacks evolution and must mature the firmwire. I'm thinking buy again 2 units of MPC1000 for my gigs.

Please friends, try to contact with akai to explain all your ideas to improve.
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