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What are the MIDI commands/notes for turning on button lights in the Advance61?

I'm writing a Bitwig controller script for my new Advance61. I've got most things working, but I want to be able to sync the transport control button lights with the state of the DAW. So when "loop" is enabled in the DAW, I want the loop button on that Advance to be lit up. If I press Record in the DAW, I want the Record button on the Advance to be lit up.

I can't find any reference on what MIDI codes need to be sent to the Advance to control these transport button lights. I have tried just mirroring back the messages that the buttons send, but that doesn't light anything up.
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  • Hey btubbs,

    Thanks for posting!

    There isn't a communications protocol available for the Advance 61. My advice would be to run a MIDI monitoring software like MIDI OX or Snoize to analyze the incoming data and work backwards from there.

    I can't offer much advice about coding Bitwig scripts but maybe someone out there in the community has some guidance they can offer.

    Let us know how it goes!
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