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When inserting USB Hard Drive or Jump Drive MPC X Screen goes black and light Flicker

My MPC X has been working flawlessly up until today and this is only in stand alone mode. When ever I insert my USB 128GB drive (In which I usually leave in there.) The MPC screen will go black and some of the buttons/ lights will flicker. It won't allow me to shut off without pulling out the power cable or taking out the usb device. This happened after I transferred some of my expansions from the computer (OSX) to the card via the MPC software. Even if I take the card out I'm noticing that the MPC X will take much longer to boot up and be ready to use. I can place it in controller mode then reinsert the hard drive and it will work perfectly ok again. I even reinstalled the latest firmware and it too failed to resolve the issue. Any assistance with this matter would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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