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Where do you get the iMPC Pro or iMPC apps for the iPad 2/MPC Fly 30?

Hey all... I wanted to know where the iMPC software comes from for the MPC Fly 30? I see two versions of iMPC. iMPC Pro and iMPC. Did I purchase an obsolete product? I just wanted something I can take around with me when I'm out of my home studio and thought it looked like a good option to put together some beats and use them with my MPC Studio when I returned to the studio. Also, as far as I can tell the MPC Fly 30 only works with the iPad 2... Is this correct?
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  • Hello James,

    Thanks for posting.

    The MPC Fly is officially supported and designed for the iPad 2 and 3, mainly due to the size of the frame and that is has a 30-pin Apple connector. However, the Fly is still a class-compliant MIDI controller. Customers have found that any Apple iOS devices will recognize is if using an Apple adapter (ex, 30-pin to Lightning for newer iPad/iPhone).

    The iMPC app was designed and released specifically with the MPC Fly. Since then, the iMPC Pro app was released, but the MPC Fly works with it as well!

    Hope this helps!
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