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I’m Pissed off

Why do notes on my iMPC (1.4.2) always appear to get "recorded" in one-shot mode?

It never used to do this. But everything I've recorded in about the last 6-12 months shows the same symptoms:
- pads that are set to "hold" mode play back the entire sample (as if "one shot"), but only after recording (when playing the pads without recording they work normally)
- also, during playback afterwards, you can visually see the pads "stuck" in a note on state. It's as though the MIDI note off event isn't getting recorded?
- the sample does restart if retriggered.
- everything that I recorded a long time ago (I only use the app 2 or 3 times a year) plays back fine. It's when I start to record new stuff that the problem happens.

Is this a bug in one of the last updates?
Has anybody else experienced this?

I'm running on iOS 9 / iPad 3 (old tech, I know. But if it worked then, it should work now!). I don't have any other audio/midi apps running at the same time.

Be pleased for any help. Without this working the app is useless.
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  • Hey rich,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! If you've double checked your program's settings and sample playback modes are set appropriately, I might recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application from the App Store. Sometimes the App Store will restrict versions of apps depending on what version of iOS you're running on your device.

    If you try that and you're still having trouble with the application, I would recommend reaching out to the developer of iMPC, Retronyms. You can reach their support page with the following link:

    Contact Retronyms Support

    I hope that helps you!
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