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I’m Frustrated

Why isn't there a quick to find, straight answer anywhere on transferring licences, come on Akai....advice please!

Hi, I'm sure this has been asked a million times but it really p's me off that there isn't just a quick, unequivocal answer to the question of licence transfers to new owners when selling an MPC. It must happen so often that surely Akai could put a link to this somewhere with a clear and definitive answer rather than people having to trawl forums to find it.

Rant over, my questions are:

1) when the new owner registers the MPC (in this case a studio black) does this automatically now cancel my registration or do I have to contact Akai to cancel it as was the case in the past? There's conflicting answers on Get Satisfaction posts, some of which are months/years old.

2) iLok charges $25 for a single licence transfer to another iLok account (complete rip-off obviously, thanks iLok). Can I just deactivate my licence and then the new owner can activate their own to get round this? What if anything (deactivation, transfer, do nothing) do I need to do iLok wise as part of selling the MPC?

Would appreciate a response from an Akai employee on this to be sure, thanks.
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