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Will There be Any Official Akai Product Scripts for Bitiwg (and future DAWs)


As the Bitwig user base is growing are Akai planning to recognise it as a DAW in which their products are going to heavily feature and sales flourish.

There are some great user made scripts produced by some great, clever and thoughtful people (maybe you could hire them) but there is also a massive desire for scripts built by Akai so that the devices work, as close as possible atleast, to how they do in Ableton etc.

Many music creators are not also coders so are reliant upon the devices working in the way that the script builder has decided, albeit usually very thoughtfuly. However, many of us would like to be able to use your great products with Bitwig straight out of the box and fully functional.

If anything, it seems like a logical and profitable business descision to get involved with providing scriptiing support for Bitwig much sooner rather than later.

Other DAWs will also emerge and infact are being worked upon so being in the practice of jumping straight in with the integration from the get go would be good future planning for Akai.

All the best guys!
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