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Working across two Macs with VIP in Ableton Live

I now have VIP within Ableton Live working on my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. However, when I opened my Ableton project on the laptop I found that my VIP setup within it didn't have access to the plug-ins, Multis and Setlists I was using.

I then went back to my Mac Pro and exported my Setlist and Multis to a shared folder for both machines. My Setlist imported in the MacBook Pro but still with no Multis and plug-ins. When I tried to import the Multis I had exported they were greyed out.

I have worked very successfully with Dropbox when it comes to virtual instrument setups in live performance - all my VI files are in Dropbox. This way I can make changes to my setup and then open it on another machine and continue work. I don't need to have two sets of files.

Can I do this with VIP? If so, how? Where does VIP keep all the data relating to my setup? If not, then what is the best way to work across two machines with a VIP setup within Ableton?

Thank you : )
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