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Would you drop cubase on windows for Logic pro?

I have 2 computers; one is the latest Win machine with awesome hardware, which I use mostly for gaming, while the other is an old macbook air (2013 I believe?), with an i7 5th gen I believe, and 256 SSD drive and 8 GB of RAM.

Now, considering that I am not going to buy a new mac just for music, unless I move all my music production there (mostly NI and Air VST); what would you suggest, between continue to use Cubase on the new win machine, and move to Logic pro?

I use an Advance 49 as my main workhorse; so I need something that works 100% integrated with the Advance 49, most of all, because I don't want to fiddle with mouse and keyboard too much.

Would you say to stick with Cubase, since I already have the existing hardware on the Win machine that is recent and powerful, or would you suggest to move to logic pro, because it is better even if I run it for the time being, on an old mac? I may end up buying one of the old mac pro (the big 50 pounds tower ones), since they are cheap these days, and you get 2 Xeon CPU with 12 core each; which is something that would cost 4K in a Windows machine....

Just wondering if the 200 dollars for Logic and the new hardware are worth the effort
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  • Depending on how long you want to stay current with Logic, you could end up paying ALOT more than just that $200 heh. Id bet anything when the next major version comes out, the 2010-2012 Mac Pro is not going to be compatible. Pretty sure thats going to be this fall when their new $6000 Mac Pro comes out (thats the LOW END model too). They dont want you holding onto those old ones, they want you to buy the new one, and then get their new $4000 display that comes with the optional $1000 stand. If you're going to move to Mac just do it. The price on the old Mac Pro's is probably about to drop like a rock but Id pass, save the money and get the fastest Mac Pro with the biggest drive you can afford. You can upgrade the RAM yourself, dont pay Apple's ridiculous prices for it. You have to get the hard drive then and there though, its soldered in again and not replaceable.

    Thats where Im headed. Everything I have is USB now anyways. I can get an adapter for my firewire interface until I can replace that, and drive cases aren't that expensive to move my 4 internal drives to. If you're not gonna go all out, stay where you are for now. Moving to an old Mac Pro finally ran out of steam as of this month heh.
    • Indeed we are all subject to planned obsolescence....
      I am astounded how 10 years ago you could keep a computer for long enough time, to master the software that run on it; while these days, a 5-6 years old computer is getting "old", while a 10 years old device that did cost 5K at that time, is now considered ancient :(

      With old macs you have to flash the bios to fool the os installer to even install; and that is insane; but this is how they make their there is not really a way out.

      At this point, going for the mac route seems not efficient, unless I buy the latest mac pro (which to me seems a piece of furniture to be honest; especially with the wheels); which is crazy expensive, compared to a PC with a Ryzen or an i9.
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  • If its about money saving: Win + Cubase

    If its about simplicity: Logic.

    I liked mixing inside Cubase.
    I hated automation
    I hated the rack system
    I liked the Mediabay, but there are better options out there in the meantime.

    Never owned Logic but:
    I don't like Logic's mixer
    I like how smooth it feels
    I like pitch automation (there is just an ancient Cubase tool for that)
    VST is more common than AU
    Both support ARA2

    I use windows 10 and Bitwig, still got a Cubase dongle, but don't like the workflow for electronic music.

    Here is a post to the Advance Bitwig script:
    • I see; I use cubase for basic operations to be honest; probably I don't even use 50% of its functionalities, beside putting together tracks.

      To me the main pros is that it seems that Akai supports better Logic pro than Cubase; at least that's my understanding. I am looking for whatever DAW works the best with the Advance 49; and that's why I was looking at Logic pro; because Garageband is not as open to automation for Midi, as Logic pro (that's what pros say; not sure it is true but I believe they know more than me)
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  • Hey lumberjack,

    Thanks for posting!

    This is a difficult question to answer because it's ultimately subjective. I'm from the camp of belief that it mostly does not matter which DAW you use. It's how well you use it. Of course, every DAW has its pros and cons when it comes to available features and overall HMI experience but I'd argue familiarity with your software's environment is more important.

    We can all list objective reasons why you should or should not make the change from Cubase to Logic, but at the end of the day, you're the one using it! Test it out with your hardware and VST library. Does the workflow improve or hinder your production process?
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    • This is not a knock at Akai by any means so don't take this the wrong way support team but, you're planning on uprooting your entire DAW and platform JUST to accommodate a generic MIDI controller you could easily replace with 100 other items you can walk into a Guitar Center and pick up right now?

      I have a feeling youre going to find it works about the same with any DAW, there's nothing 'advanced' on the Advance at all except for the display on it and its own integrated features that have nothing to do with the DAW. You could do everything you can with a regular old Akai MPD controller even. Im not sure what more functionality you can expect out of the Advance that Cubase isn't already letting you do.
    • Well, I am using a generic controller that from what I can see, it has as only competitor the S49 MK2 from Native instruments.

      While the controller has generic midi; it also has an LCD screen and software to run in conjunction with the hardware; it is not different from what you get from NAtive instruments when you use one of their Maschine hardware (although their midi capabilities as generic controllers are not even close to Akai), or the push2.

      You can go the NI route, and have a 100% integrated device with NI software, Ableton and Logic; but I preferred the open approach of a generic midi controller like Akai.
      Albeit it does have functionalities that integrate with specific DAWs, so when I press the play button or turn the knobs or do something else; the DAW execute something more than just automation that I can record with CC commands.

      Yes, any midi controller does work with any DAWs, if all you expect is to press they keybed and play; but if you want something more, that facilitate your workflow; you go for the controller-DAW combo that best fit your needs.

      What am I expecting? To use mostly the controller; when I am writing music; instead of have to interrupt myself 100 times with mouse or keyboard controls. You may argue that I should buy a stand-alone synth then, but that's not what I want, since I like the idea of a smaller controller that is cheaper too, and has less restrictions than a cramped stand alone synth.

      If anything fail, I just grab one of those gaming devices used for FPS (the ones where you place your hand on it and have all the buttons under your fingers), and assign the functions I want on it; so at least I have to move only one hand instead of 2, but I would rather not go that route, and find the perfect DAW-controller combo.
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