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Wrong software package or confusing description for MPK Road 88.

I got my AKAI MPK Road 88. After registering the product, in the private downloadable software I got an incomplete list. Practically the download link is available only to VIP 3.1.1 which points to a zip file containing v3.0.0.
(These mistakes, or incompleteness of the registered product's area side, I reported in a customer support request.)

Then I downloaded MPK Road Editor (Win) from . After installing I got an AKAI Professional MPK Road 88 Control Panel, which is a driver control panel v1.0.1 for the sound card and not the keyboard editor. The user's guide downloadable from the same page refers to the editor. I think here is a mistake in the public area of the product website. From where I can download the editor software?

I bet, it should be one more link, which points to the current zip file, but named it correctly, such as "AKAI Professional MPK Road 88 Control Panel". Then the current link to Editor should point to the editor.
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