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Yamaha Montage USB Compliant via USB input to MPC X Solved.

I have resolved the issue.

One need to use a powered USB hub connect to the USB port on the MPC X/live then plugin your Yamaha Montage USB to the Powered USB Hub.

You can know set up Yamaha montage performances via init GM/AWM/FM/Drums each part of a performance is set to a MIDI Channel 1-16 (note you must use single performances MPC X/Live can not handle Multi timbre).

Each part of a performance corresponds to a MIDI channel 1-16.

Example: if you setup a performances via init and have a piano on part 1 = Midi channel 1, strings part 2 = MIDI channel 2, Pads part 3 = Midi channel 3. You now can go to you MPC X/Live under MIDI channel to select the desired part/MIDI channel via the Montage performances you just setup.

This is The MPC X/live midi going out you can also have the Montage going into MPC x/live as a controller to play you plugins in stand alone mode or controller mode if you are using a computer.
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