• I loaded the wrong firmware on my Vortex Wireless. What should I do?

    … feature of my keytar is not working anymore. B) I am not able to run Vyzex Vortex on my macbook pro 15", running Yosemite … . Please send me a solution for the same. C) The serial code which is to be used to download the SONiVOX Vortex I software is not working. When i enter it into the Promo code area … (2015-01-19)

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    • … the Vyzex software correctly because your computer is not reading your Vortex Wireless, due to you not loading the correct firmware onto it. This will read … (2015-01-21)
    • … wireless with firmware meant for Vortex... HELP. Hi, I am from India so I doubt if I'll be able to get my vortex wireless serviced. I made the same mistake of updating … running Yosemite 10.10.1. The Vyzex Vortex software keeps crashing. Is there any fix … (2015-01-21)
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  • Accelerometer and changing instrument by using Vortex on Vyzex ?

    … doesn't change behaviuor. 2 - I don't be able to change instruments by using Vortex: I can change instruments only with mouse on PC... Thanx … (2016-05-26)

    Tags: vortex i, calibrating accelerometer, changing patches

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    • … the accelerometer. The accelerometer sends MIDI data when the Vortex Wireless is tilted within the calibrated threshold for the accelerometer … MIDI Out port. There are three patch banks to select from (A, B, and C) on Vortex Wireless. Press the Patch Select button … (2016-05-26)
    • … other parameters/MIDI messages. And please note that, for the moment, I use my Vortex only with Vyzex DVI. Another thing I don't understand, if and HOW I can use Vyzex patch editor in using my Vortex with Vyzex DVI: I tried Vyzex Patch Editor, I found a lot of parameters, but NOT the instruments. Please excuse … (2016-05-26)
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  • Vortex Portamento & AfterTouch Patch: How To?

    … portamento with a knob? This is my first midi instrument and nothing seems to work. I am using Vyzex Vortex editor. Has worked for other fxs. It says it is patched, but not hearing anything... Also, Trying to use the accelerometer … (2016-01-09)

    Tags: vortex, vortex wireless, portamento, aftertouch, patch, vyzex, n00b, beginner

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    • … here. Utilize this handy programming guide to help adjust your Vortex. Next, what are you using for a DAW and what operating system are you on? You need to use this MIDI … (2016-01-11)
    • DAW: Garageband and Mainstage 3 Standalone: Sonivox Vortex software OS:Yosemite 10.10.5 That link is not working. Also, I already programmed the ribbon to my liking. Thanks though. I would like to control portamento with a knob....does anybody know how? (2016-01-13)
  • Vortex Wireless sudden latency issue

    … , I set it up as usual and it had an enormous latency issue..so much I could not play it. No setting had been changed on the Vortex or the laptop that I use with it. I took both the Vortex and laptop home and did some minor maintenance … (2015-11-10)

    Tags: vortex, latency

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    • … connection port of your computer outwards so as to ensure that the Vortex Wireless dongle does not block the ability … (2015-11-10)
    • … in the backbroud (except what XP makes me run). It is solelydedicated to the Vortex and the synth software (I am using the Arturia Mini … (2015-11-12)
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  • Is there a way to play multiple virtual instruments at once on Ableton with the Alesis Vortex?

    … created a beat that I like on Ableton using the Vortex, it uses two separate virtual instruments that I recorded separately, despite this the keys for both are the same. I want to be able to play it live … (2017-10-08)

    Tags: vortex, vortex wireless, ableton

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    • Hi Jacob, Thanks for posting. Just to clarify, can you please tell me if you're using the Vortex or Vortex Wireless? (2017-10-11)
  • How to Install the Vortex Wireless Control Surface Mapping File to Windows 10

    … purchased a used Vortex Wireless and it came with only the USB dongle and the unit itself. Read the manual on how to install but found no instruction for installing … (2017-09-08)

    Tags: vortex, wireless midi, alesis

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    • … the Link/MIDI tab. Under the first Control Surface drop-down, select the Vortex. Set the corresponding Input and Output … port. Finally, make sure to activate Track and Remote for the Vortex input port (see image above). Downloading and Installing … (2017-09-11)
  • Vortex Wireless 2: Keyswitches on neck

    … bought the Vortex Wireless 2 because it's the closest thing I've found for what I want to do and it's, oh, so close! Many sound libraries work off of keys switches. If, on a 37 … , the latter if used as key switches). I'd trade all the faders and pads on the vortex 2 for key switches on the neck. As it is, I am already scheming … (2020-01-17)

    Tags: vortex, vortex 2, keyswitches, key switches

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    • I did modify my Vortex a few years ago. Take a look at http://practicalusage.com/mp-2-mre-hacking-the-alesis-vortex-and-using-a-wireless-midi-transmitter/ It can be programmed to do anything. The only drawback is that you have to do it yourself! (2020-01-18)
  • Alesis Vortex USB device not appearing on Win 7 Pro

    … , and no change to devices list in Device Manager. The Vortex just does not appear, and so (obviously) it does not appear in any MIDI … desktop, Gigabyte motherboard) - on that machine, it appears as "Vortex" under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers", and sends out MIDI … (2014-08-27)

    Products: Vortex

    Tags: vortex usb device

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    • Quick update... when I tried it using the long cable that was supplied with the Vortex, it worked! I didn't try that cable earlier because it was connected to the studio … (e.g. USB external disk drives). My concern is that the Vortex currently works with only one cable in my arsenal, and that cable is rather long for some anticipated … (2014-08-27)
    • … Carlos, You may just have a bad cable. The USB cable that comes with your Vortex is just a standard USB 2.0 printer cable. Any one of these cables should work with your Vortex. If you need to replace your USB cable, you can simply visit your local computer store … -658-3131 ext. 1407. Ensure that only your Vortex is plugged into your computer via USB when using this. Other devices … (2014-08-27)
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  • Alexis Vortex Wireless 2 Notes Hang on 1.1.8

    … purchased mi Vortex W2 Two weeks ago and it’s giving me really hard time during gigs. I made the Panic button, but i’m Struggling during solos … (2019-09-09)

    Tags: vortex, wireless 2, notes hang

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    • Hello, Goran Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear that, have you tried to reimport the firmware update into the Vortex Wireless? Does this happen with just your iPad or computer software as well? Let me know! (2019-09-10)
  • Windows 8 Vortex not working at all. 'USB device not recognized'

    vortex wont work at all with my new pc. When I plug it in a bar will pop up saying 'USB device not recognized' in the device manager it says there's a code 43 if that means anything. please help, I need this to work ASAP … (2014-11-22)

    Products: Vortex

    Tags: vortex, windows 8, no response

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    • Hello Eli, Thanks for posting. Have you recently performed a firmware update on your Alesis Vortex? You're using the 1st generation Vortex not the Wireless system correct? Here's more information regarding Code 43. (2014-11-24)
    • i am indeed using the 1st gen Vortex. I think I did try a firmware update and all it would do was boot up and i would press start and it would just say it could not locate any midi devices, please unplug and restart program. (2014-11-25)
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