I’m annoyed

DM10 parts aren't triggering but my module still makes the Shaker sounds

just after turning on the module, the screen shows:
"calibration fail, try rebooting with drums unplugged or without touching them"
but after hitting the pads, that message goes.
i have tried unplugging all cables and nothing changed.

also a constant shaker sound starts playing with short pauses, more so when hitting the drums. but mainly a constant sound.

it disappears after 20 mins of no play but i would want it to be like this from the start.
do you know of anything that could be causing this?
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  • Hello Jerome,

    Thanks for posting. I'd like to help! First, let's re-calibrate your hi-hat pedal and module from the directions below.

    If that fails, try to re-initialize your module. I've posted directions how to do this below.

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