1.4 firmware update on windows doesn't work

Hey all,

I really wanted to update my firmware from 1.3 to 1.4 but unfortunately, I'm getting "error". Actually, the problem is I don't get any error but 2.phase of the update doesn't work on windows 10 pro latest. I installed the first stage and now 1.4 version works on my drum but when I try to update sounds, kits,.etc. It just shows "connecting with strike module drive....." and then It goes back. I tried to plug-off and in USB cable, power cable of the strike and even restart my laptop, it doesn't still work. Also, I re-installed 1.4 firmware as well but also 2.stage doesn't work.

Btw, Drum still works (even now metronome also works) but I don't know why 2.phase of the update doesn't work.
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