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3-Zone Ride?

Bill R/anyone - help! I just got a DM10 MKII Studio (Advanced Module). I'm looking to add a 3-zone ride. The cable harness only has one ride, one crash and the package came with a separate,dedicated TRS for crash 2. All of the true 3-zone (bell, bow, edge) cymbals I've seen have two TRS inputs. How does the MKII Studio module support a 3-zone ride cymbal with only a Ride 1 in the cable harness? Do I have the correct cable snake? If this is accurate, that a single line can handle a 3-zone, which model # ride cymbal do I need? (NOTE: when posting, there didn't appear to be an option for MKII Studio Kit, this is much newer than 2011)
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  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting. 

    The DM10 MKII Studio Kit ships with and supports the use of a triple-zone ride cymbal. Your cable snake should look similar to the image below:

    In order for your module to trigger all 3 zones from the cymbal, you will need to be using a TRS or TRRS cable from the snake.

    I hope this helps!
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