64 bit MIDI drivers for interfaces

Hi, I run two multimix firewire mixerfaces (a 12 and an 8) together. After the mojave upgrade, I got a pop up alert that AlesisFirewireMIDIDriver was 32 bit and would not work with future OS.

Two questions:

1.) Do I even need the MIDI driver to keep using it as an interface?
2.) Will there be a generic MIDI driver replacement?

I know that Alesis stopped supporting these firewire products a few years ago, but it seems this driver is pretty common. I have never needed to use the AlesisFirewire control panel app (it really doesn't do anything anyway but show what's connected)

Thanks for any answer beyond "we don't support this." That's really not helpful. There are only a handful of products like these, and they are great boards. And they're all firewire. All the USB ones just put out L/R stereo... and that's super useless.

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