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Add more Internal memory for the future pad to move one KIT to another without delay.

@Alesis, When you are planning to upgrade your Sample Pad Pro, Samples load issue is still there, Add more Internal memory , on the fly we couldnt move from KIT A to KIT B, it is taking 5-10 seconds. i have trimmed and using " Alesis Sample Converter " Still the delay in loading samples. Roland 11/20 players are challenging me Alesis can't do this.

Also If i hit hard a single pad for 10 mins (eg: hihat sound )with in 10 mins, SD Card gets corrupted, only if i reboot the pad, and remove the SD card and plugin again, it is working as normal. My memory card is class 10 32 GB card.

I trimmed the wav sound and size is less than 600 kb, in each pad, and using Alesis sample converter. Feel really bad to play the pad during heavy worship session, it is getting hung and if i move to next KIT it says cannot load, so i need to reboot it :(
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