Alesis command mesh snare volume problems


I recently purchased an Alesis Command X kit second hand. I love the kit overall but ever since I've had it I've noticed a problem with the mesh snare. On many of the kits, especially the kits that emulate the sound of an acoustic kit, I find that I have to hit the head of the snare very, very hard to get an appropriate sound. If I hit the snare with what I consider to be a "normal" amount of force I get a very soft, quiet snare sound. If I hit the snare really hard I get the sound I would expect from a normal hit. The sounds are out of proportion to the if I play a groove as I would normally, the toms and cymbals sound fine but the snare is so quiet it can barely be heard above the other pads. Please note that this doesn't happen on every kit. For example, on the "room" kit (I think it's #47) the snare sounds fine. But on the "acoustic 1" kit the snare can barely be heard unless it's hit with a huge amount of force. Now, I am aware that there is a sensitivity knob on the side of the snare. I have turned this all the way in one direction and it has helped, but the problem persists. It seems to me that this isn't how the snare is supposed to work. I shouldn't have to smack the head this hard to produce a sound. Last note, please keep in mind that this is the first mesh pad I've ever owned so I'm a little unclear on proper tightness. All I can say is that it feels right to me but I'm really not sure if the previous owner had it really tight or really loose. I'm hesitant to play around with it too much because I like it just the way it is! But if the tightness of the mesh might effect the volume then I'm willing to try! Thank you in advance for your help!
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