Alesis DM10 X Mesh Kit: crash1 doesn't work


I recently bought an Alesis DM10X Mesh Kit.

Every basic function works fine, except the crash1.

I double checked all cabels. I also changed the 14" Cymbal with the second 14" Cymbal that I use for the Crash2.

The Crash2 works fine with both 14" cymbals and the crash1 never works, not even with one of the two suitable 14" cymbals.

I also put off the writing protection in the Drum Module (to save settings) and I reset the factory settings.

What else can I try to let my crash1 work? At this moment the only failure I can think of is that the crash1 cable is damaged (?). Although I asked the previous owner about this and he was sure everything worked fine.

I hope someone has a solution!
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