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ALESIS DM6. Hi-hat, crash and ride pads often do not register

I bought an Alesis DM6 kit around a month ago. Overall I am very disappointed. I have been back into the store with a problem with the snare which was corrected promptly. Since then i have noticed numerous other faults with the kit.

There is a problem with the 'brain' module that means that beats are missed when hitting the snare, Hi hat, crash and ride. If the hi hat is played, the snare and the kick or the crash play by themselves. The Hi-hat, crash and ride pads often do not register. If you play quick single strokes, triples etc on the pads, maybe 60-70% will register. I tried rewiring the wires around to different pads and still having the same problems.
In addition, the crash cymbal, Hi-hat and ride often registers two hits, or registers the second sound when hit. After continuous playing this can become annoying.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Great job so far troubleshooting it. I'd like to help. The latest firmware update for your DM6 should resolve your symptoms. Log onto the product page http://alesis.com/dm6usbkit and under the Docs & Downloads tab, downloaded and update firmware version v06.

    Make sure you use a Windows computer for the update. Make sure you carefully follow the directions that's included in your download under the DM6 Updater Application - PC folder. Lastly, when your about to perform the update, make sure no other USB device is connected to your computer besides the DM6 module.

    Try it out and let me know how it goes!
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