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Alesis DM6 kick rebound

Hi everyone,

first of all, I've just bought a Alesis DM6 USB Kit, and only after that I saw that there is a lot of people complaining about the kick rebound on the dm6 alesis. Some examples here:



I would like to know if Alesis has an official solution for this problem or I will have to get my money back and write a review for the product informing this terrible problem.

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  • Hi Jonata,

    Thanks for posting. I'll be happy to help. If you find your kick is rebounding off your pad, you may want to re-evaluate your playing style. In other words, if your style of kick playing is at a '10', you may want to bring this down to about a '8.' Because an electric kit is built and responds differently than an acoustic kit, playing at a '10' level at all times will not only cause your kick to rebound, but it can also damage your triggers over time. You may also find that if you constantly rest your foot on the kick pedal, the beater may not come back all the way and cause for double hits, as well. You can also try loosening the amount of the tension or using an alternate pedal, as the DM6 is compatible with third-party pedals. 
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