Alesis DM6 USB only works at random times when connected to PC.

Recently acquired Addictive Drums 2 for PC (I'm using Windows 7). Used a USB cable to directly connect the DM6 to the PC. However, rarely do the drums actually trigger through the PC on Addictive Drums 2. Meaning that Addictive Drums only picks up the drum strikes at random times.

I have already performed the following actions about a hundred times now and there's only a 1 in 10 chance the drums are triggering after performing these actions:

- Uninstalling and re-installing e-drum drivers (via Device Manager)
- Exiting and re-opening Addictive Drums 2
- Factory Reset on the module
- Reconnecting the USB cable
- Restarting the computer
- Trying different USB ports

Usually after trying each action after n amount of times, the DM6 suddenly starts triggering on Addictive Drums like some kind of miracle and then eventually fails to trigger again and I spend another hour performing the actions mentioned until it somehow starts working again.

And yes, I have always set the module to "--N" every time (I've actually already tried P--N as well and it didn't help much)

I used a USB cable in hopes that I didn't have to go out and invest in a MIDI setup because I thought the simple USB functionality of the DM6 was also possible for usage. What could be the problem here?
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  • Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for the post. This sounds like a latency issue. There are adjustments that can be made within the driver control panel or host software to "speed things up". You can decrease the value for the "Sample Buffer" inside your software. A value lower than 256 is generally acceptable. 128 or 64 is possible on many systems if you have a strong computer. If the setting is so low that your computer audio cannot keep up, you will hear "pops and clicks" in the audio or certain MIDI notes may not trigger in your example. You should increase the buffer setting to the next highest value or examine the VST's own configuration for increasing efficiency. All that is usually needed is to find the sweet spot on your system to where you do not feel any latency while you play and you do not hear any pops. Hope this helps.
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