Hearing crackling and static from my Elevate 3s

Crackling and static noises coming from studio monitors elevate 3? How to get rid of it?
My setup has my computer to the right of the desk, two wireless peripherals, my monitor sitting right next to the tower itself, and my elevate 3s sitiing right next to the monitor on each side. With the right speaker sitting between the monitor and the computer itself. Also, my sound it running through my audio interface before being sent to the elevate 3s.
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  • Hi Armand,

    Thanks for posting! I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with your Elevate 3s. I'll be happy to help!

    * What DAW are you using the Elevate 3s in?
    * Does the static and crackling go away if you remove the wireless peripherals that are nereby? This might be some electronic interference that can occur with wireless peripherals.
    * Is the noise intermittent, or constant? Does it happen at a low volume as well?
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