Alesis ERRORS - pedal sustain + MIDI Editor Error

Hello ! I'm having two problems and this is making it unfeasible to use the driver - which I just bought!

1 - the sustain pedal is inverted and inversion impossible (due to the next problem) Even when "get present from hardware" - because what the software shows is reversed. (I already tested with the MIDI Monitor)

2- The Alesis VI61 Software is giving communication error - it does not send the "presents to Hardware" - giving the following message:

MIDI Communication Unsuccessful. Verify MIDI Connection and Device Settings. Verify in the other applications are using the MIDI Port.

Note: I already tested the controller in my MACPRO, I already changed USB ports, I have already turned off all the programs. And the same problem continues.

I've seen around here - it looks like it's not just me with Alesis-like issues

I need an urgent solution! Thank you !
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