Alesis HD 24 caddy hard drive swap

I can't find any caddy's anywhere can I swap out a full hard drive for a new one and vice versa without messing up the contents of the old full drive? Will I have to re-format the old drive when I put it back in the caddy?

I guess what I am asking is, can I take the old drive out of the caddy and put it back in when I need it without any problems.

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  • Hi Charles,

    Thanks for posting about your legacy HD24. I would like to help.  We value you as a passionate and loyal customer.  Your product is one of our discontinued Legacy products.  Please check online with third party forums, third party websites or you can contact our tech support team regarding your Legacy product for assistance.  

    Please keep in mind, support for Legacy products is limited, as we mainly support our current in-line products.  
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