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alesis master control 2

Alesis needs to make a master control 2 !!!!!!!!!!! Ive had my master control for some time now.. I still use it and it still works great. I never have any issues out of this thing. All the motorized faders still work like new.. Also this thing is built like a tank.. Everything is metal.. which is hard to find now days. Things have updated in the past several years though.. Thunderbolt seems to be the next big thing for interfaces.. Alesis needs to make a master control 2... A good idea would be to make a interface with motorized faders that not only has thunderbolt connectivity but also has usb 3 connectivity (for those people that don't have thunderbolt).. And from what i understand usb 3 will backstop to usb 2.. that interface would cover a wide range of users.. If that interface existed .., Id buy it.. I still use my firewire interface and it still works great on the latest os for mac.. One of the best and most useful things I've bought for music.
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