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Alesis Melody 61 Keyboard - MIDI Drivers? Any Capabilities?

I have a problem with my Alesis Melody 61 keyboard, which appears to clearly be without a "5-pin DIN MIDI" port. Plugging in a male-male USB cable to the back of said keyboard, and the front or back USB ports of my computer (some are definitely 2.0 and maybe one or two are oddball 3.0, but they fit and other devices work plugged into them just fine)... my computer seems not to download any drivers off the bat, or recognize any "foreign" software in sound/audio devices (volume control/audio mixer) or in device manager. Nothing online has shown any drivers available to allow me to transmit MIDI data input/output to/from my computer/keyboard. Apologies if this is a pointless question; I didn't look closely at product specifications, and it was a cheap product found at a local retail store, affordable given my salary-- I don't expect much of it, but wondered if there was anything I could do.

As per suggestions in another thread from a different website, I'm downloading an old, small version of Cubase on trial since I'm not prepared to spend money to see if my keyboard is midi-compatible, and using it to see if I can install some sort of device/driver. Being said keyboard is not labeled "General MIDI" on the front, and has no MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT sources on it, I may have to assume it's incompatible. I was hoping to use this particular keyboard with Synthesia or see if the free trial of Skoove assists in compatibility, if it would even recognize the device. Thus, Cubase. Synthesia doesn't otherwise recognize it, nor does my computer. I may try to restart my computer and try other USB ports to see if any changes occur. I recently bought the cable and it seems undamaged (and 2.0 Male-Male at that) so... Thanks for any help from an interested customer.

I see a similar question with a response acknowledging no MIDI capabilities, or capability to "connect" to a computer via USB. I imagine they mean "connect" as in "interact" or control/transfer data, even though obviously with the keyboard's female USB port and a computers', you could "connect" (but not transfer data) via a male-male USB cable. I'm a tad disappointed if I have fewer options than to practice learning to play by hand, but it's not the worst thing in the world.

I will check the user manuals for further information, but have a feeling there's nothing doing. I believe that I understand the USB port is primarily for plugging in 32 gigabyte or less flashdrives to play MP3 files (for tunes, rhythms, beats, etc) and nothing more?

I've scoured the internet for information, some resources suggests that Alesis' community/support has information, and the product page has downloads (none apparently that may help me). I appreciate any help and time invested in reviewing this post in order to assist me.
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