I’m confused

Alesis MMT8 Blank Screen...

Troubleshooting and repair needed!

I bought an MMT8 with identified issue of blank screen.

I took a chance , replaced the EPROM with updated firmware V1.11 and fitted an new LCD. The unit gets power and LEDs are lit although most buttons are unresponsive and the screen is still blank.

Anyone know what to look at next to troubleshoot or repair?

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  • Hello, Kev

    Thanks for posting! We apologize for the delay in response. 

    We do not provide assistance with legacy product repairs however, our authorized service centers might be able to take a look! 

    Here is a link to a list of recommended repair centers, I would contact them and explain the issue with the MMT8. They will have information on pricing and turn around time:
    Hope this helps! 
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