Alesis MultiMix4 USB FX Record Problem


I've a problem.I set up everything in Cubase LE and on the mixer too.It works.I want to do a vocal record,but it doesn't works.If I start the record,i've 2 options:

- i can't hear the instrumental in my headphones ,but the vocal record is OK on the audio track channel ( "EXT/USB TO MAIN" button off )


- i press on the"EXT/USB TO MAIN" button,and I hear the instrumental with the vocal too in the headphones,but it records together with the instrumental on the audio channel.Like a mixdown.

My problem is that i can't make only a vocal record on an audio channel without music,only if i release "EXT/USB TO MAIN" button, but in this case i can't hear the instrumental.Very very quietly i hear the instrumental in the headphones if I turn it up the volume to the max,but this is no option for to hear the music and to do good job. Please help!
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