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Hi there,

I bought a Nitro about a month ago, but it's only now that I've been able to get a chance to test the responsiveness of the pads and brain.

I did a factory reset so the settings are all at their defaults. Whenever I hit two pads + bass, there would be a 30% chance that one of them would not trigger. This could be any combination of pads with different percentages, for example hi-hat + crash + bass, 1 out of 10 tries would have a cancelled hit. Tom 1 + Tom 2 + bass get cancelled more frequently.

I played around with the crosstalk settings (slowly moving each down to 1) but I'm still getting cancelled hits. Is there a firmware update that I need to grab, or are they faulty?

Edit: Forgot to mention that hitting single pads respond perfectly, even with quick rolls. I did my testing by staring at the drum brain to see which pads light up when hit.
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  • Hi Erick,

    Thanks for posting. It sounds like you're experiencing crosstalk. 
    Every time you strike a pad, the entire kit vibrates. Vibrations travel through the rack and can sometimes trigger other pads.  This tendency is called 'cross-talk', and due to the physical nature of drums, it is unavoidable (even on an acoustic kit). A more accurate description of this setting would be "crosstalk compensation", as there really isn't a way to prevent the physical tendency for vibrations to travel.

    This setting, however, uses an algorithm to separate intentional hits from unintentional crosstalk triggers; the result, when tweaked correctly, is that you only hear the sounds you want to hear. Most often this setting does not need to be adjusted, but some playing styles (heavy hitters) may want to consider fine-tuning it to improve response. If you're noticing pads canceling each other out or pads triggering randomly/when striking a different pad, this is the setting for you. Adjusting the cross-talk setting to somewhere in the middle is usually a good start.

    To adjust this setting, follow these steps:

    • Press Voice button to enter the Kit Selection page (if you are not already viewing it).
    • Hit the pad whose settings you want to edit.
    • Press Utility button to enter the available settings.
    • CRO (Cross Talk) will be the third option after you press Utility button three times.
    • Use the Left (<) and Right (>) buttons to adjust the function.
    • To save the adjustments, Select the Voice button.
    • Press SAVE button.
    • Choose a user kit (between 25- 40).
    • Press Save button again.
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