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I’m frustrated

Alesis Nitro Module Midi Output Map - works but not the Crash Mute?

I created this list for anyone needing the midi output map of the Alesis Nitro Drum Module. I can't seem to get a Crash Mute, even though it works fine on the internal sounds. My software sees the same C#2 Note for the Crash Cymbal and the Crash Mute. Can I fix this somehow other than using another controller to achieve this? Not like I can't hack a solution but would prefer this basic function just to work. Maybe a firmware update will give us this feature?

Kick C1
Snare D1
Tom 1 C2
Tom 2 A1
Tom 3 G1
Tom 4 F1 (Addon Tom)
Hi Hat A#1
Closing Hat G#1
Closed Hat F#1
Crash C#2
Crash Mute C#2 (Crash Mute sends same note as crash)
Ride D#2
Crash 2 A2 (Addon Cymbal / can be used for Mute)
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