Alesis Nitro to trigger toontrack kits into a loop pedal

Hello I have recently purchased the Alesis nitro kit, I know how to trigger toontrack ez drummer 1 and 2 though my pc...... The problem is I want to be able to trigger those drumkits or superior drummer 2 into a digitech jamman loop pedal. i can get the alesis nitro kits recorded fine into the loop pedal, but when i try to get the sounds of the toontrack kits into the loop pedal is does nothing. i have try run 2 1/4 jacks from output into the jamman, nothing i have tried the 1/4 guitar outs into the aux input of loop pedal still nothing. like i said i can get the nitro kits fine into the loop pedal etc no problems at all. but when it comes to the toontrack kits nothing at all. also when the loc feature is off on nitro kit i still hear the sounds, but nothing records. but when i turn the loc on it does record into the loop pedal, but it only gets the sounds from the nitro module brain itself. please help!! thanks in advance
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