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Alesis Performance Pad vs Roland KT10 - Can't get it to work!

I'm using an Alesis Performance Pad and recently bought a Roland KT10 Kick Trigger. And I can't get those two to work! It's like there's no input at all.
Unlike what I read on the forums, there's no physical SWITCH button. Is there something I need to change in the settings? I just factory reset it, and I can't find anything to get it to work. Please help!
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  • Hi Charles,

    Thanks for posting. 

    What type of connection does your KT10 pedal have? The Performance Pad footswitch inputs(Kick and Hi-Hat) are compatible with 1/4" TS Momentary Non-Latching foot controllers. Does your pedal have a polarity switch on it that you can adjust?

    Have you tested another footswitch with your Performance Pad, or the Roland pedal with another device, such as a MIDI controller?
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