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alesis pro x hi-hat with a crimson2 not working with bfd3

impossible to find the way to make work thepro hi-hat with an alesis crimson 2 working with bfd3
work fine with ez drummer ,so ,no problem with the module ,but the midi is not triggering the same things ,so i cant just copy them
no key map working ,the roland td-20 is fine for everything exept the hi sound
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  • Hello, Denis

    Thanks for posting! 

    I don't know how the Roland TD-20 comes into your setup but you may have to contact Roland in regards to that. You are saying that when you use the Crimson II module and the pro X Hi-Hat it works just fine with EZ drummer? If thats the case, this is a MIDI Mapping issue. You would need to load samples to the appropriate CC notes in BFD. Please their user guide on how to remap samples appropriately in their software. 

    If the Pro X Hi-Hat is sending MIDI information to your software, then that is working fine as well. Try recording a sequence into your software to double-check :)

    Hope this helps! 
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