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Alesis Recital Pro

Hi when I plug in my recital pro to any DAW or VST addictive keys etc etc they "see" the recital pro which I select in the asio controls and it shows as connected and selected as midi controller however no input from the keyboard appears to reach the computer.

Again everything shows up fine and as connected but no midi input is reaching my VST DAW etc.

in addictive keys for instance when i use my keystation 88 the midi input light flashes as i play.

This however does not happen with the recital pro connected and selected??? I'm at a loss as what else to try I love the recital pro but I want it as my main MIDI controller as it has such a lovely feel to it.

Please help
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  • I’m very sad
    Oh I forgot its windows 10 I have installed, I have addictive keys EZkeys cubase etc and I cannot get input from it with any of them even though it shows as selected in exactly the same way I do with my keystation 88 which works fine but I'm stumped here with this one! HELP
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  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry you're having issues with your Recital Pro.

    Let's have you run a test to see if your controller is sending MIDI data properly.

    MIDI-OX - PC - http://www.midiox.com/

    In addition to the test below using MIDI-OX, you can also use Send SX (Windows). This program will let you know if and what MIDI information the controller is sending.

    **Before you run MIDI-OX connect the MIDI Controller and power on.

    1. Download and install MIDI-OX.
    2. Run the MIDI OX application.
    3. Select the Options menu and select MIDI Devices. Make sure to select MIDI inputs and MIDI Outputs for the MIDI controller, in this case, the USB Audio Device and click OK.
    4. Select the View menu and select Input Monitor. The field type, Data1, contains the CC information. Test the functions of your controller in the monitor.
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