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I’m undecided

Alesis Sample Rack More presets using SD card. 89 is that it!

I've purchase the Sample Rack to use as a trigger via the USB connection.
Works fine however, I found the Sampler lacking in some feature which I believe should be available in any new drum products these days. If features are available in the DM10 why not the Sample Rack! scratch my head..

These are a must in my book.

1. A Windows/OSX editor to able to name and create drum kits using the USB connection.
2. More than 89 pre-sets to store kits. Why have a 32Gb capacity on SD card when there is only 89 available kits?? dumbfounded??
3. Next model to have more than Stereo outputs. At least 4 individual outputs assignable to Kick, snare, toms etc with FX.
4. Different FX. Delay, flanger, Room, Hall Reverb

This is all software except point 3. How hard is it to add these features? Is it a limit on DSP power and available RAM?

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  • Hi Robert,

    Thanks for posting! I think these are all really great ideas, and I'll be happy to submit them to my development team as a feature request for you. For all future updates and announcements, please stay tuned to our website, or consider signing up for our newsletter at
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  • I also think sample rack is a fantastic machine ! But there is one
    thing that you really could make better - And that is the internal
    RAM memory !

    Look att Roland SPD-SC that is a very popular product - They
    have " gb internal menory - just load the kits one time and you
    would be ready to go - The internal memory in Alesis Samle rack
    destroys an absolutely great idea ! So please fix this and let
    Alesis Sample rack 2 become the most wanted product of all !

    Kund Regards !
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