Alesis SamplePad Pro Crosstalk after the update of Firmware 1.0.15!

Hi! I actually found that, by maintaining the sensitivity at 2, crosstalk disappears!
But what if i want to have a more realistic sound and use the full range of values of sensitivity? I can't only due to a malfunction ?
Is there a new firmware (after the 1.0.15) that eliminates crosstalk problems completely?
Sorry for my English, i'm not mother tongue :) and thank you!
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the post. I'd like to help! That is the latest firmware update that should've corrected your crosstalk issue. If you're playing on a hard surface or table, you'll have a better chance of experiencing crosstalk with your SamplePad Pro. I suggest trying to use a mount of some sort help alleviate your symptom.

    On any electronic percussion pad, all of the pads can hear the strikes made to all of the other pads. Because of this, playing harder than necessary will increase the likelihood of unintended pads triggering. As you get to know the Alesis Sample Pad Pro, you’ll get accustomed to how much force is appropriate when triggering sounds. This guide covers some basic measures you can take to optimize crosstalk, sensitivity and triggering.
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