Alesis Strike editor doesn't work

Hi everybody, First, i don't speak english very well so i apologize for my spelling and language errors.Now, here is my problem. I have a problem with the software strike editor. I see i'm not the only one with this problem.i exlain : To day, i want to update my firmware of the module strike. That's work correctly and i have now the v1.2 OS and v1.2 trigger.But when i want to use strike editor, my laptop dosn't recognized the module in every usb port. Just 2/4 work. The 2 usb 3.0 dosn't work. it's weird....I specify that my usb drivers are up to date. After that, when i use a usb port which recognize my module, i run the strike editor but it dosn't scan my SD card. So i see nothing in the preset intrument and when i want to update the content that's dosn't work and the software crash.May be the software is not stable or it dosn't support the firmware v1.2 ?An advice ?
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