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Alesis Strike Multipad - How to get Open/Close Hi-Hat response with a Single Pad!

Hello Everyone,

As you are all aware the implementation of Hi-Hat groups for the Strike Multipad with the 1.1 Feature Update does require more than one pad in order to have multiple voices for your HH controller.

However, if you are looking to be more economical with your RGB pads, you do have the option of using the Footswitch inputs as a location for one of your Hi-Hat sounds. Meaning you have the option to only use one pad on the Strike Multipad for Open-Close response.

In order to access the Footswitch options on the SMP, you will need to connect a pedal into this input to note chase it, in this example we will be using Footswitch CTRL 1/2.

1. Once you have a pedal connected to this input, press on the pedal to note chase and select "Sound."
2. Scroll through your sounds and select an OPEN HI HAT sound
3. Go to PAD 1 on the SMP and select a CLOSED HI HAT sound (Pad on the bottom left-hand corner)
4. Press on your HH controller and select a CHICK sound.
5. Go to the "Pad" view and select "Group."
6. Make sure that PAD 1 and the Footswitch input are on the same "Hi-Hat" group.

You're done! You can disconnect the pedal from the Footswitch input, it does not need to remain connected but keep in mind you can only use the Footswitch CTRL 3/4 since there is a sound assigned to the 1/2 input. If you want to add a semi-open sound to your Hi-Hat group, you would have to add an additional pad into your Hi-Hat group OR make the Footswitch input 3/4 OPEN. 1/2 semi-open and Pad 1 Closed. Hope this helps!
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