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Alesis Strike Multipad - Power Receptacle - Question

Alesis Strike Multipad - Power Receptacle - Question

Hello all. I have a bit of an odd question.

I have a new Alesis Strike Multipad.

When I unplug the power adapter from the module, it slides smoothly for two millimetres then it meets resistance so I have to pull harder, it then seems to pass a resistance point and then it comes out smoothly again.

Do all of you have that same experience or do your power adapters unplug smoothly from start to finish like most electrical adapters?

I’m asking because if this is a defect, I will exchange it for a new one so I don’t have problems down the road. Alternatively, it may be how they are built to prevent accidental disconnections?

I would go to the local music stores and test it but they don’t have any in stock.

If you own one, can you let me know if your experience with the adapter is smooth all the way or if you have experienced the resistance I am talking about. Please let me know by posting below?

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