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As i sit here and read all these tjreads about the Alesis strike pro kits, i am so on the fence about purchasing this kit! So many problems and issues and it seem the only answer you get from “Bill” is “it looks like your product may need to be serviced”! Looks like the crapy build of the triggering mechanism , hi hat issues and module bugs is continuing to be an on going issue! Someone please give me good cause to why i should buy this kit! I am a roland owner amd i have recently purchased the Alesis Strike multipad which I absolutely love! I want this Strike pro kit also but man, all this issues is such a turn off!
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  • I came from roland myself and they are just different animals. The roland is playable out of the box. The strike needs to be configured to your personal preferences. The hi hat just toss in the garbage. Get a roland vh 11 or get the go e drum and use the strike top hat. As far as the snare goes you have to mod it or it will break you cut the foam and tuck the wire into it pull it all the way off. The Facebook group has this in detail. Supposedly alesis has addressed the snare in some sort of new update to it but i can't confirm this.
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