Alesis Strike Pro missing open hi-hat notes

When I play fast with my Alesis Strike Pro Hi-Hat and open it in certain notes (always fast) I usually miss notes - I hit the OPEN Hi-Hat with the drumsticks but I don't hear the sound. It only happens sometimes when I play the Hi-Hat fast.

Is there any way to STOP this?
Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi Guy,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Just to confirm, which firmware version are you using on your module (you will see this when powering the module on)? If you haven't updated to firmware version 1.4, I would highly recommend doing so, as the hi-hat performance was improved significantly in this update. 

    If you have already applied this update and are still experiencing missed hits from the hi-hat, I would recommend going through the following guides below:

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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