I’m Confused!

Alesis Trigger IO now DMDDTI? Expanding the DM10 Module?

I have a near maxed out Alesis DM10 Module - only Input 12 left! I am looking for some kind of interface / add on that will allow me add more Dual Mode Triggers, and; also to use (both) my DM10 Module, and; the Interface for control of the original 12 triggers, plus the add on's! Is this DMDDTI Module what I am seeking?

If so!... I know how to get it. I know about what it costs! However; I am totally clueless as to what I would need in the way of cabling etc... to hook the monster up? Additionally; I am clueless as to HOW I would hook this monster up?

What I desire to accomplish is simple: More Drums and Cymbals, and; still be able to play to my own music, from my PC via the Alesis Inputs (RCA) on the DM10 Module - hearing through the Alesis DM10 Module 1/8" Headphone Jack.

"IF" the DMDDTI will not do it.... What will? Thank You!
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