Alesis v61 showing in Maschine 2.5, but unable to enable it.

When I open Maschine, I can see my controller, but it won't let me click to enable it (can't give it the check mark). Please help.
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  • Hi Shiraz,

    Thanks for posting. 

    I apologize, but I'm not familiar with the Maschine software. Most DAWs should recognize and allow you to use a MIDI controller almost immediately, with little to no setup on the user's part. However, each DAW is different and may require some configuration in order to work within that specific environment. I did, however, find a tutorial online that talks about how to use a MIDI keyboard with Maschine, which I've included below, for your convenience:

    If you're still having problems with this, I'd suggest getting in touch with Native Instruments directly. They should be able to walk you through this over the phone.
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