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Alesis VI49 keep the switches' light on [cool features idea]

so far i am very happy with my alesis vi49, i got everything down and working like I wanted, and the configuration options are very awesome!

one thing that bothers me though is the fact that I didn't find an option to keep the light of the switches on. why would i wanna do that? well, basically, since there are so many switches, it's hard for me to remember which one i mapped to function as "go to next track" or "select previous preset" etc, and so if I could just configure my keyboard to keep the light turned on in the switches that I use, it would basically solve my problem.

I know that I can configure my drum pads to do just that (and indeed, i use them this way aswell). but I would very happy if I could do the same with the switches.

also - when changing the drum pads configuration to send "CC Momentary" signal
it causes the drum pads to light up in red light. why not allow the user to configure what color should be turn on? sounds like an easy feature :)

what do you think?
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