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Alesis VI49 Unknown Device. Logitech webcam driver issue.

So I posted before about my issue regarding my device showing up 99% of the time as unknown device. 1% of the time it will show up correctly as shown here
I previously checked all the drivers ever installed on my computer before I took that screenshot and found the driver here (Incorrect install date. Not sure why that is)

Just now I was able to get the device to be recognized for a few moments but as soon as I started up melodics to test the inputs I got nothing even though melodics detected the keyboard.

So here's what I did to get the device to show up just that once.
I did a bit of googling and found that for some reason logitech webcams cause an issue with alesis products if they ever been connected to your PC.
I then ran a registry file that I found on another site that mentioned this issue but the user didn't provide any closure or follow up reply to the ticket. reg file looked clean and I ran it.
Then I went into regedit and found everything logitech that wasn't my mouse and removed it.

After plugging in my controller again I found the VI49 device under the correct device manager group with the correct display name.
I've done this a handful of times now and it seems completely random when it wants to work and when it doesn't but I will attribute that to my poor quality USB cable.

So in the future if anyone has this issue try checking out DevManView and uninstalling the webcam through there or checking out this page for the registry fix
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