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Alesis VI61 Transpose


ALESIS VI61 Transpose! Setup

We have 24 Patches on Keyboard ( P01 to P24 )

Open ALESIS VI61 Editor

Go to the “ Keybed “

Change Transpose Value 1

Check the Input and Output From “ Options “ ( Device setup )

Send to Hardware Preset

(You can decide which patch number you want as NORMAL KEY PITCH )

If you are selecting PATCH 13 as NORMAL KEY (PITCH)

You can SEND IT to the “ SLOT 14 ” ( Because It is Ascending Order )

Than Change Transpose Value 2 or - 2

Send to SLOT 15

Follow the same method 16,17,18 ext Until you reach 11 semitone

Finally you can Change TRANSPOSE Via Patch Switch “ Up and Down “

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