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Alesis DM6 Kit Problems......Need a little help.

Alesis DM6 Kit.

Bass drum stopped working, swapped out with other pads = other pads trigger bass
sound, bass drum won't trigger other sounds....Hate to take apart and see if piezo disk
came loose like other sites advise......On one of the symbols, the black outside spacer ring that your quarter in jack goes into (keeps your jack spaced correctly)
fell off....just came out, Can I get a new symbol?
Look, I love this kit - I know it's an entry level and that's all I need....I don't play heavy
it's just for quiet (soft) practice and I have not abused it....the problems occurred in about 4 or 5 uses....don't think either one was caused by me.....Need a little help.

Please do contact me directly - I have been a big Alesis fan and hope to be able
to share my good help experience with others.
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